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Play your favourite songs with the #1 piano course for beginners

Learning the piano is fun, fast and a lot easier than you might think! Through engaging video lessons you'll learn to play the piano with a simple chord based method. Our course modules will take you through the basic techniques and theory, so you can play any song ever written! After finishing this course you'll be able to impress your friends and family with your music. Get started today and let's play!


Learn the piano anytime with a real teacher.

Develop your skills and play your favorite songs with guidance from an experienced piano player.

Step by Step Method

Build your foundation on the piano with a perfectly structured curriculum that will teach you all the skills you need to start playing beautiful music. This is your guide to musical freedom on the piano, perfect for beginners.

Play Your Favorite Songs

Nothing is better than playing real music! Our "501 Songs" piano book contains music for everyone, and I will teach you how to play popular music from all styles, and genres. And you will learn fast!

Motivation & Support

Very few internet courses give their students the support they need. That's why I have included one on one lessons with me personally in our Ultimate package. I want to guide and support you every step of the way.


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Playing piano without years of lessons is now easier than ever before!

  • You're a beginner and brand new to the piano
  • You’ve taken a long break from the piano and are now ready to return.
  • You’re frustrated because you can’t do something you used to be able to do.
  • You’ve only been relying on free YouTube videos to get the training you need.
  • You always thought playing the piano was too difficult or impossible for you.

“... a smooth method that makes it easy to learn for students of all ages.”

- Keyboardmag.com


I own 3 pianos and 19 keyboards. My wife says it's a disease, but I love playing them all!

I was fortunate to have a piano instructor who was teaching the piano in a different, and much more interesting way than the classical piano classes that most people have to go through as a kid.  

I've had a long career as a professional pianist and music producer. Now I find it super rewarding to teach other people how to play. You don't need to go through hours of boring theory and techniques. Learning the piano is fun, fast and easy. Let me show you how! 

Join 1000+ People

Who are actually playing the piano now, thanks to this piano course! I have been teaching students of all ages, children and grown ups from all over the world. My teaching method is easy to understand, and you don't need any other equipment than an acoustic piano, electric piano or keyboard. My course works for everyone who's interested in learning the piano.

Your Music is a Blessing

Learning how to play the piano also means connecting with friends and family in a new and rewarding way. I have been playing and singing with my children since they were born, I have been playing for my grandmother, and I have played Christmas carols at family gatherings every year. You can do the same!

Access Anytime

Take your classes when your schedule allows. Your online classes are available when it suits you. If you're ready to start now, click below.


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Get Free Piano Video Lesson

Simply enter your first name & e-mail to access a FREE video piano lesson and the pianobook:

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Essential Course


Online course only

Start playing the piano immediately with the #1 beginners course online!

This is will take you from being an absolute beginner to know how to play songs using piano chords. After taking this course you'll be able to sit down by the piano and play for your friends and family.

What's included:

▸ The full online course
▸ 501 Songs pianobook

$397 One time payment
$75 for 6 months

Ultimate Course


The full journey

Our most popular package and the greatest discount you can get!

This package will take you through a full year of piano classes, from being an absolute beginner to an advanced player who has FUN playing and making music on their own.

What's included:

▸ The full online course
▸ 501 Songs pianobook

▸ 2 one-on-one lessons with Lars on zoom
▸ Anytime access to Lars via email
▸ BONUS: Christmas piano mini-course
▸ BONUS: Create your own songs

$997 One time payment
$97 for 12 months

Test-drive your lessons for 30 days.
Zero risk.

Online lessons can be intimidating. Maybe you’re wondering if they work, or if you’ll use them enough – or if you’ll even enjoy the experience. So I'm removing the risk with my 30-day guarantee. More than anything, I want to make sure you have a POSITIVE experience developing new skills and gaining confidence on the piano.